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Perfection Box is the UK's leading cardboard box manufacturer, located in the West Midlands, with over 20 years of experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry. We provide full nationwide coverage, including Leeds.

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Who are we?

We specialise in cardboard box manufacturing and packaging supplies. Our main goal is to provide the customer with their perfect packaging needs.

We manufacture cardboard boxes in many sizes, with the highest quality and durability. We do this in either single or double-wall corrugated cardboard, whatever suits your packaging needs. We also offer customisable or bespoke cardboard boxes, to fit your requirements.

As the UK's leading cardboard manufacturer, we assure you that we supply your cardboard products within a 24-hour window (Bespoke orders may come within 48 Hours).

Perfection Box will ensure that you receive fast, reliable service, all the way to manufacturing and dispatch. You can be sure that you have chosen the right company to make the perfect box to suit you.

Types of Cardboard boxes we offer

Open Cardboard Postal Boxes | Length, Width, Depth

Cardboard Postal Boxes

Postal boxes are made to send products safely in the post. At perfection box we offer a range of size, as well as different box strengths.

Stock cardboard boxes

A4 Cardboard Boxes

A4 Cardboard Boxes are perfect for storage, shipping, packing, and moving etc. The boxes are designed to maintain their shape throughout transport. We also offer single or double wall cardboard boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard layer pads and flexible single face corrugated paper in

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets are flat pieces of cardboard, used to layer between products and keep items separate in a stack. Corrugated pads are also used to layer the base of a box.

They are initially used for house moves, postal goods, shipping food products and packaging and more. Corrugated cardboard come in many sizes and weight.

3D rendering of several carton boxes stacked evenly on a pallet

Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are utilised for shipping and transport purposes, when using wooden pallets. Cardboard packing boxes reduce the risk of damage during transit and provide a safer and secure method for shipping.

Pallet boxes improve storage and reduce transportation, storage, and packaging costs. At Perfection Box, our pallet boxes can significantly cut down your costs. Our single and double wall boxes fit perfectly onto standard pallets, leaving no overhang. Fantastic for transporting.

Stock boxes for bottles

Cardboard Bottle Boxes

Our cardboard bottle boxes come either with single and double walls, and high-quality corrugated cardboard to maintain shape and structure when in transit. Our bottle boxes, also known as cardboard wine boxes, are manufactured with strength and durability in mind, keeping your items safe and secure in transit and minimising damage and breaking.

Wine shopping boxes are essential for shipping bottles. The corrugated segments allow the bottles to sit comfortably while providing them with a soft brace equipped to handle movement.

Stock boxes

Cardboard Storage Boxes

Perfection Box provides the best cardboard removal and storage boxes, that are manufactured with your needs in mind.

Designed with the highest quality material, our cardboard packing and storage boxes are constructed to be strong and durable. The structure of our cardboard moving boxes are manufactured to maintain shape and hold their weight in transit.

The cardboard moving boxes come with ergonomic handles imprinted on either side of the box, expertly cut to precision for ease of comfort.

Rolls of red fragile tape

Custom Packaging Tapes

Here at Perfection Box, we offer a wide range of custom packaging tapes to suit your needs. Our selection of custom packaging tape comes in a variety of colours, including brown, white, and red fragile packing tape. Each tape will be suitable for different uses for various businesses and industries.

Our high-quality custom packaging tape is strong, adaptable, and durable. All our parcel tape, particularly our fragile packing tape, is manufactured to ensure that goods are sent to clients and customers to arrive unopened in the very best condition.

From brown packaging tape to white packaging, each tape we offer is single-sided and is available in various sizes.

Marquee boxes

Build your Own Parcel Box

At Perfection box we offer bespoke parcel boxes and a build your own cardboard box section, which allows you to customise the boxes to your requirements.

Standard Cardboard Box

Standard Box

Our standard boxes have a variety of uses from packaging, storage, and delivery. Our parcel boxes come with the double or single-walled corrugated cardboard, each providing durability and strength. The standard box is designed to be strong and sturdy for all your storage needs.

End-Opening Box

End opening

We also offer opening parcel boxes that are designed to suit your requirements. Our long, end parcel boxes are ideal for storing and transporting long and narrow items, for delivery, distribution, and transit. End opening boxes are designed to maintain their shape and their structural design makes them great for security.

Overlapping flap

Overlapping flaps

Our parcel boxes are made from strong corrugated cardboard with fold-over panels for large items. Made from durable, high-strength corrugated cardboard, our overlapping flap boxes come with the option to select double-walled corrugated cardboard.

The design of this parcel box incorporates the flaps overlapping to provide triple-layer protection, reinforcing strength and security. When lifted, the triple-layer protection adds further stability as it holds together, reducing the risk of the parcel box splitting or breaking.