Advantages of corrugated cardboard for packing and shipping

It has been revealed that 69% of people who shop online have had parcels go missing, get damaged, or turn up late within the last year. This is hugely significant, considering that the UK is expected to have nearly 60 million eCommerce users at present. As a result, many people have begun to take as many proactive measures as possible in order to ensure the successful delivery of their packages.

One of the main ways in which people improve their delivery method is to select the right packaging material for their contents. Corrugated cardboard is an industry favorite for this purpose.

We have created the following blog in order to further examine the advantages of corrugated cardboard, and why it is the new industry favorite for packaging and shipping – so that you may feel better informed and equipped to avoid the trend of missing and damaged parcels.

What are the advantages of corrugated cardboard for packaging and shipping?

  • Maximum protection
  • Easy to customise
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for branding
  • Biodegradable
  • Lightweight
  • Offer flexibility

Maximum protection

One of the key advantages of corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are much stronger than your average cardboard boxes. They serve effectively as a stable cushion for any product or item that they are carrying during the shipping and handling process. The corrugated packaging size can vary according to size and thickness. Corrugated cardboard is designed to protect the products they contain, resisting both moisture and bacteria contaminants – this is particularly important for food products, as they often have to withstand long shipping times.  

Easy to customise

Another of the advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging is incredibly easy to customise. Most corrugated cardboard manufacturers – including Perfection Box – can create boxes that are bespoke to you, allowing you to design your packaging according to your personal business requirements.


Corrugated carton boxes are some of the most inexpensive packaging options in existence. This is largely because they don’t require high labour costs or the need for costly tools in order to be manufactured.

Great for branding

As mentioned previously, one of the advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging is that this material can be customized to bolster your company’s branding and brand awareness. Bespoke branding is a great way to impress your customers, as it shows a higher degree of professionalism, greater attention to detail, and better brand cohesion. Why not choose to give your boxes a more personal touch, it is bound to earn further loyalty from your customers and keep them coming back for more!


Our Corrugated cardboard is made from 100% recycled material, making it one of the most eco-friendly green-packaging materials available. Corrugated boxes are also quite easy to recycle, re-purpose and dispose of – as most corrugated manufacturers abstain from using harmful bleaches and dyes. They can also be folded up and packed away for reuse when needed. This reduces the packaging solution’s environmental impact even further, which in turn will reflect better on you, your business, and your customer positioning.  


If one of your business premises is to manufacture or transport heavy products, then you are unlikely to want to increase your overheads by increasing the weight and shipping costs of your product with excessively heavy packaging, right? This is one of the biggest advantages of corrugated cardboard, as it is both strong and lightweight, and can therefore carry much heavier items for a cheaper cost.

Offer flexibility

Another of the advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging is that corrugated cardboard boxes can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, that can either be single, double, or even triple-walled for protection – depending on your requirements and the size/fragility of your dispatch items. Corrugated boxes can be used to pack a lot of different products, making them one of the most flexible packaging solutions available in today’s markets.

Corrugated Cardboard at Perfection Box

As you can probably tell by now, there are countless advantages of corrugated cardboard. Perfection box is well aware of this, allowing us to quickly become one of the leading cardboard box manufacturers in the West Midlands. We offer traditional, bespoke, and customisable boxes in a range of styles and sizes to suit any requirement that you may have. If you’d like more information to aid in choosing the perfect packaging for you, why not check out our blog on ‘How to Choose the Right Shipping Box for Your Product’?

If you’d like to discuss how we may design the best packaging solution for you, or if you have any further questions regarding the information in this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today either by calling 0121 537 3984 or by emailing our team today on! Our team would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to help.