How to Choose the Right Shipping Box for your Product?

Choosing the right shipping box comes with complications that you may not have previously considered. Packaging is the first thing your customers will see before they open their goods and it’s crucial to make a positive and lasting impression immediately.
While there are obvious things to consider when choosing the right shipping box, such as size and overall cost, other factors must also be taken into account. Elements such as the fragility of the product, the strength of the box and other factors.
Having the right packaging can save you money in the long run while also improving your brand image. At Perfection Box, whether you’re looking for a standard packaging product or a bespoke cardboard box, we’re here to help guide you through the process of choosing the right shipping box.

Find the right size
The most obvious first step in choosing the right postage box that is bespoke to your needs is to consider the size of your product.
Whether you’re shipping one product or multiple goods in one package, it’s important to account for the interior space required inside the box. And if you’ll need any protective material, such as bubble wrap or interior dividers to separate your goods.
At Perfection Box, we offer a bespoke cardboard box customisation tool that allows you the opportunity to design and build your own cardboard box to match your exact specifications.
When finding the right size, it’s essential to think about what your product is and what sort of packaging would be best.

How fragile is it?
If you’re planning to ship fragile or breakable items, it’s strongly advised to either choose a box with extra space or look for readily available packaging options, such as a cardboard bottle box.
Utilising a larger box will provide you with additional space to fill with packing material to avoid any damage. But if you’re working with shipping bottles, mugs, glasses, or other similar items, a specifically designed cardboard box for bottles is the ideal solution.
These boxes provide you with the ability to store your goods upright, minimising damage and risk of breaking without the additional requirement or cost for excess packing materials.

Strength of a box
Any box that you choose to ship must be able to support the weight of your products without compromising on the overall dexterity of the box or damaging the product inside.
The right cardboard box bespoke to your needs should be able to withhold the external factors that occur during transit. Boxes are essential in ensuring that your items arrive safely at someone’s chosen destination.
Durable boxes, like those provided at Perfection Box, must be able to maintain the quality and integrity of the shipped items throughout their entire journey. We offer both single and double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes of the highest quality that will retain their strength and durability in transit.

Build your own

Other factors to consider
With an array of product-specific shipping boxes readily available, such as A4 boxes or even cardboard pallet boxes, other factors should be considered that can have an impact not only on your profit margins but customer satisfaction and brand image:
• Recyclability
• Quality of the box
• Price of the box

In today’s environmentally conscious marketplace, many consumers consider the impact of their actions and purchases on the environment.
By choosing a shipping box that is recyclable or manufactured from recycled materials, you can improve your brand image in a positive way.
At Perfection Box, you can rest assured knowing that all our bespoke cardboard boxes are manufactured from recycled materials and are also fully recyclable.

Quality of the box
Similar to choosing the right strength for a box, the overall quality of the box is also important. Having a box of the highest quality that can withstand transit without taking damage and delivering the goods in one piece can help improve customer satisfaction.
This satisfaction can lead to repeat purchases and improve your company’s image as someone that deals with high quality throughout their production process, eventually leading to increased revenue.

Price of the box
When considering a shipping box, most consumers disapprove of having the packaging costs pushed onto them. Therefore, finding an affordable box, without you having to increase prices or costs while also being of high quality should not also cost you a small fortune.

At Perfection Box, we offer cardboard boxes, from pallet to bottle boxes, as well as bespoke postage boxes designed specifically to meet your needs, all at a competitive price. Our boxes can lower overall shipping costs when purchased in bulk and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
Choosing the right shipping box may seem more daunting than first realised, but Perfection Box is available to assist you every step of the way in finding the perfect box to suit your needs. Contact us today.