Christmas Wrapping Ideas to Wow Your Friends

The percentage of people buying gifts is set to decrease 8% from last year. Despite this, the average British adult will still fork out £548 on Christmas gifts. As a result of rising prices throughout the UK, and the predicted 13.3% inflation, people are looking to find alternative ways to wow their friends with their gifts – that aren’t solely monetary. In aid of this, we have developed this blog as a means of providing you with Christmas wrapping ideas for you to enjoy, as presentation is everything, and shows the receiver that you have gone above and beyond with your effort. 

Christmas Wrapping Ideas:

1.      Emoji gift-wrapping idea

What better way to keep spirits high this Christmas, than with some funny, youthful emoji-themed present wrapping? This Christmas wrapping idea is incredibly easy to do, highly relevant, and adds character to your present. Simply buy some yellow-coloured paper, then draw on faces with black marker. One way to level this up even further would be to add googly eyes, which you can purchase at any DIY craft store.

2.      Mini Christmas Trees

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree, and the smell of fresh pine. Rather than spending money on expensive bows, why not look right outside your back door and take some clippings of a nearby pine tree? It doesn’t cost you a thing, and pairs extremely well with standard brown craft paper – making it incredibly environmentally friendly. Should you wish, you could take this one step further and decorate your trees with gold stars, or mini tinsel.

3.      Forushiki Wrapping

Try your hand at some traditional wrapping using decorative tea towels. Simply take a square cloth, lay your gift in the middle, take one corner over the gift, and repeat with the opposite corner. Next, bring the remaining two corners together to tie a knot, for incomparable, eco-friendly gift presentation. What’s even better is that this style doubles up as two gifts for your recipient, making you appear even more generous!

4.      Using your old shirts

Truly make your presents stand out from the rest and infuse new life into thrift shop vintage shirts and brooch items, by using them as present décor. Not only does this promote eco-friendly values, but you are actually giving the recipient three gifts in one. 

5.      Ball ornament string wrapping

If you are someone who likes to keep your gift wrapping clean, classy and sophisticated, then you’ll love this tip. Wrap your present in sleek, single-coloured wrapping paper, garnished with a brightly coloured bauble, and some minimalistic string tied into a bow for the ultimate sophistication appeal.

6.      Christmas chalkboard

If you want complete creative freedom, then purchase some black kraft paper and some white, gold or silver paint markers. Such designs allow you to draw on your presents in any fashion you wish, permitting you to personalise your presents to the recipient as much as possible.

7.       Miniature Winter Scene Idea

Are you feeling creative? Why not turn your wrapped gift into a mini winter wonderland, with little craft trees, benches and train set ornaments? You could even cut out white paper, or use baking powder and icing sugar, to make fake snow. Some retailers even sell their own, allowing you to make your scene look like an authentic winter wonderland.

8.      Christmas word puzzle wrapping paper

Give your loved ones the gift of mystery this Christmas with this fun puzzle. Not only will it look incredibly unique, but you also provide your recipient with a fun game to play, giving your gift multiple purposes. If you find a Christmas-themed word puzzle, then even better!

9.      Gingerbread gift tags and garlands

Who doesn’t love the smell of gingerbread at Christmas? If you have any leftover, why not use them as a fun edible detail to decorate your gift with? All you need is some string, and to poke two holes through the middle of it, so you can tie it to your gift with some string. The gingerbread won’t go off until after Christmas day anyway, allowing your recipient to fuel themselves for the busy day of festivities ahead of them.

10.  First Initial

Instead of using a normal gift tag, why not do something completely unorthodox and attach an oversized paper mâché letter of the recipient’s first name initial to the top of your present? In doing so, you will add a funky level of personalisation to your gift, whilst also giving them something fun to DIY decorate at a later time.

Celebrating Christmas with Perfection Box

Presentation is everything when it comes to gift impressions, helping to show your recipients that you have gone above and beyond. One way of ensuring that you are able to make a good impression is to make sure that you opt for the right packaging – you only need to read our blog on ‘’why packaging matters’’ to understand the extent of how true this statement is. At perfection box, we are masters of supplying and manufacturing boxes of only the highest quality and durability. Our 20 years of experience doing so should provide you with all the evidence you need.

If you would like to know more about how we can help spruce your Christmas gifts up this year or have any further questions regarding the information presented throughout this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our team would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to help out.