Perfection Box’s Guide to the best Cardboard Postal Boxes for you

With the advent of globalisation, the internet and high-speed technology, we find ourselves in a retail industry dominated by e-commerce. Online shopping between different countries and regions is more prevalent than ever before. With this, the importance of proper packaging has significantly risen. If you’re looking to set up an e-commerce business, you’ll need to research what type of e-commerce postal boxes you can use that will be most suited to your business needs. Even if you’re at home selling some goods on eBay, it’s useful to know which cardboard postal boxes you might need to send through the courier network.

This blog will outline several different postal cardboard boxes that could be suitable for you or your business. We’ll look at everything from bespoke options to the most common choices on the market – looking at their main features, benefits and the potential drawbacks.

What are the best postal cardboard boxes for you?

That depends. There’s no denying there’s a large range of different cardboard postal boxes on the market. All boast their own benefits and today we’ll laser in on a few choices that we believe will appeal to you. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, lids and inserts to package up a variety of goods, from bottles to books. Are you a new e-commerce business owner looking for the right packaging for your products? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, we’re experts in cardboard box manufacturing.

If you’re interested in posting or shipping alcoholic goods, namely wine bottles, we   in a recent blog.

Obviously, there are other postal options on the market that aren’t cardboard, however, we’ll solely be focusing on some of the best choices for cardboard postal boxes.


Foam-lined postal boxes

This type of cardboard postal box is ideal if you want to send smaller, fragile items such as jewellery, electronics or glassware. The extra protection given by the lining of foam on the inside is substantial, cushioning the box and helping to absorb any impact, reducing the risk of damage. Not only this, but the foam lining provides insulation. If you want to post a product that needs its temperature safe from fluctuation and protected from damage – foam-lined postal boxes solve both potential problems. On the whole, the boxes are sturdy, lightweight and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking to ship fragile items with added peace of mind.

PIP postal boxes

PIP stands for ‘pricing in proportion’, which refers to a group of cardboard postal boxes in the UK that have all been designed to fit the Royal Mail ‘large letter’ sizes and can fit through post boxes in the UK – therefore more suited to smaller-sized goods.

Inside this group of boxes are several different cardboard postal boxes of varying designs, sizes and options. So, you still have a choice of the type of postal box you want and they will all fall under the ‘large letter’ category – meaning they’re a cost-effective choice. If you aim to reduce your business's shipping expenses, PIP boxes are the ideal solution. By utilising standard sizes, your business can benefit from more affordable shipping rates. Not only this, but the boxes offer great protection and can be enhanced with branding. A great choice for budding entrepreneurs looking for e-commerce postal boxes.

Quick seal postage boxes

A popular choice owing to their convenience and efficiency, quick seal postage boxes provide fast assembly, no plastic tape and feature an easy open tear strip – a great unboxing experience for customers receiving goods. In the modern era, customers place convenience above all else, and that ease of entry will leave them with a good perception of your brand. Quick seal postage boxes are ideal if you’re posting items that are lightweight, as the flaps won’t provide enough support for heavier items. They are lightweight, cost-effective and reasonably durable.

Bespoke postage boxes

Perhaps your products are a very specific shape? Or they’re very fragile? Or you want to implement branding on your cardboard postal boxes? If you’re a new start-up selling awkwardly shaped product or a small to medium sized business looking to upscale, you may be interested in bespoke postage boxes. As made-to-order items, they may prove more costly than other options, but what you lose in immediate investment, you more than make up for in a perfectly customised product and the ability to leave your mark on customers through branding opportunities.

Luckily for you, Perfection Box specialises in the creation of bespoke postage boxes. We offer:

  • A complete range of sizes from small to XL
  • Easy assembly for speedy dispatch
  • Sturdy walls for best protection of your items
  • Sold in packs of 25

Our range of postage boxes are durable, affordable and high-quality. Made from corrugated cardboard and supported by a B flute, they are sure to keep your goods in mint condition. If you’re starting your first e-commerce site, our postage boxes are made for you and will be made to fit your product. Trust the experts.

Interested in our high-quality, affordable cardboard postal boxes? Design your own bespoke postal boxes by clicking here.

Whether you’re simply selling a few old possessions on eBay or you’re looking to start an e-commerce company and take over the world – there’s plenty of cardboard postal boxes to choose from. Ultimately, the best will depend on your unique requirements. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0121 537 3984 or send an email to our friendly team at


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