How to build your own bespoke cardboard box

Here at Perfection Box, we are here to assist you in finding the ideal bespoke cardboard box to ship your goods no matter what size, weight and shape they are. The packaging is the first thing customers will see before they open their goods, so we understand it must be the right – and high-quality – packaging every time.

There are several factors to consider when choosing your bespoke postage boxes to ensure that the goods will be safe and secure during transit and that the risk of damage or breakage is minimised if you are shipping fragile products.

There is a wide range of high-quality cardboard boxes available for consumers to purchase from Perfection Box, and if you know what type of box you need, then we’ve got you covered. However, if you’re looking to delve into something more specific and create a bespoke cardboard box for yourself, then we also know how to help. In this blog, we will offer the guidance you need on how to build your bespoke cardboard box, and what exactly you’ll need to consider when choosing the range of options available.

Understand your product and goods

Before you begin deciding what type of box you will need, you need to know what you are going to be shipping in the box. This is why building your bespoke cardboard box is the ideal solution for items that require a bit more thought. For example, if you have fragile goods, such as glassware or bottles, it is more than likely that you will need a bespoke postage box with double-walled corrugated cardboard which is 6 mm thick, compared to the single-walled option, which is 3 mm thick. Additionally, always measure your goods by length, width and height to understand how big your bespoke cardboard box needs to be.

Fragile items require extra care

Indeed, fragile items will benefit from thicker corrugated cardboard but that is not the only option available to provide security for fragile goods when building your own bespoke cardboard box. Once you have figured out the size of the box you need, you can then consider adding extra protection, such as corrugated cardboard sheets, which not only provide more support for the base or bottom of the box but are also effective at separating items in a stack. Therefore, this is ideal when building your bespoke cardboard box for fragile items or if you want to be able to separate goods for ease of access.

Bespoke postage boxes with style

Cardboard boxes don’t just come in one style – there are several you can choose from when building your own. Depending on the design of the products you plan on shipping, it’s essential to get this step right. Some of the styles you can choose when building bespoke postage boxes include:

  • Standard box: These are the most common types of cardboard boxes where the flaps fold down from the top and bottom of the box and meet in the middle when closed.
  • End opening: These boxes are great for long-shaped objects or for goods that need to be assembled. These have a secure opening on one end of the box.
  • Overlapping flaps: This type of box has overlapping and extra flaps that overlap fully on the top and bottom. These are often used for heavier items as the overlapping flaps offer additional strength.
  • Storage box: This style is ideal for moving with holes on either side acting as handles making them easy to carry.
  • Bottle boxes: These are designed to easily ship bottles and wine. They are strong and are available in various sizes and are ideal to prevent damage during transit.

Deciding how many boxes to ship

Another important factor to ponder is knowing how many cardboard boxes you will need. Ask yourself if you’re shipping multiple items for your business or whether you’re making a one-off shipment. At Perfection Box, each style of our cardboard boxes comes in packs of 25, so it is ideal for businesses looking to ship multiple products.

Build your own bespoke cardboard box with Perfection Box

Here at Perfection Box, we have an amazing tool to help you build your own bespoke cardboard box for all your requirements. You’ll be able to choose the style of the box, the dimensions, the colour, the strength and the quantity you need. In a few simple steps, you’ll have the ideal bespoke cardboard box ready to be shipped to you. We pride ourselves on offering straightforward solutions such as our design editor to help you build your own box, as well as supplying a dynamic range of cardboard boxes for several uses.

Contact us for any advice about what would be the best cardboard box for your packaging needs.