How to post a parcel with Evri

The UK’s E-commerce industry is booming at the moment, likely a result of the surge in online shopping throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns, with online purchases continuing to prevail even as we return to normal. Currently valued at £693 billion in annual sales, over 87% of UK households went online shopping in 2020. This figure is expected to grow annually by 5.16% until 2025. With such an engagement in E-commerce markets, the number of parcels being delivered has grown exponentially, reaching approximately 4.2 billion parcel deliveries in the 2020/2021 fiscal year. As a result, people and businesses of all sizes are having to get clued up on parcel delivery, in order to take advantage of modern E-commerce market growth.

In support of this, this blog details exactly how to post a parcel with Evri. Evri is the new Hermes –  a trusted delivery service for most of the UK’s top retail brands – including Next, ASOS, boohoo, John Lewis, eBay, and Amazon. Given their four-and-a-half-star trust rating on trust pilot, we believe they’d be a reliable provider to start with. Much of the following guide has been put together using information from their actual site for accuracy.

How to post a parcel using Evri:

1.      Fill in the basics

As with all types of parcels, once you have chosen the packaging for your product and it is ready for shipping, then you must first fill in details such as where the parcel is going, where it’s been sent from, and how much it weighs. Evri has a maximum parcel weight of 15 kg, and if you’re unsure on sizing, their sizing guidelines can be found here.

2.      Choose your delivery service

The next thing you must do is select the type of Evri delivery service you need. There are two available for you to choose from, which are as follows:

Next Day

With this option, you can choose to drop off your parcel at either a parcel shop or locker by noon on a working day, and they’ll do their best to deliver by the following working day. Please note, that it’ll likely take longer for your package to be delivered if it is dropped off at the weekend.


With this option, there are three ways you may choose to send your parcel, either from a parcel shop, a locker or by arranging courier collection. For standard delivery, guidelines suggest that packages will be delivered within 2 to 5 days. It’s best to use their website or the Evri app to book your parcel delivery.

3.      Fill in your parcel details

Once you have chosen your service, you must then let Evri know what’s in your parcel, and how much it’s worth. Evri includes a comprehensive guide on what you can and cannot send on their website. Evri includes £20 contents insurance cover for free, or for further peace of mind, they provide the option to increase your contents cover further. At this stage, you can also request a signature from the receiver as proof of delivery. 

4.      Let them where it’s going

Once you have clarified to the courier what your parcel contains, and how you want to cover those items with insurance, you then need to, once again, specify where your parcel is going for the information displayed on your external label. If you’d like your recipient to receive tracking updates, then make sure to add their email address to the system. At this stage, Evri will also ask if there’s a safe place where they can deliver your parcel, as well as a return address, your email address, and your phone number, just in case they can’t deliver your parcel.

5.      Pay and print your label

Once all of the above stages have been completed, all you need to do now is pay and then print off your postage label. If you don’t have a printer at hand, then you can use a ‘Print in ParcelShop’ device at most of Evri’s dedicated parcel shops. Evri has a feature on their website that allows you to find the nearest parcel shop to your location to help you with this.

Whether you are a business owner or a private sender, if you have any further questions about how to send a parcel with Evri, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of highly qualified packaging experts at Perfection Box would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to help.