The Best Way to Package Fragile Items

The number of packaging shipments being sent in the UK continues to increase exponentially. Approximately 4.2 billion parcels were sent in the 2020/2021 fiscal year, which was an increase of over 1.3 billion parcels compared to the previous year. A large majority of these shipments are fragile items, whether it be cardboard moving boxes, cardboard boxes for bottles, cardboard boxes for high value items or more. With such a high volume of fragile shipments being dispatched and transported every year, it is important that you know how to keep your items protected and secure.

We created this blog in aid of this, so that you can improve the effectiveness of your packaging and ensure it is delivered and received in the condition you expected.

Here are Perfection Box’s top tips for packaging fragile items:

7 best ways to package fragile items:

  1. Pick a rigid and lightweight box
  2. Add padding
  3. Weigh accurately
  4. Get the right postage
  5. Mark your box as fragile
  6. Add a return address
  7. Cover yourself  

1.      Pick a rigid and lightweight box

In order to keep your postage costs down, it is important to choose a package that is lightweight. Ensure that the box or container is rigid and strong, though, otherwise it will collapse and damage your items – eliminating the financial savings made from choosing a cheaper box. The price and quality of your packaging should therefore be balanced carefully. It is further advised that the size of your box is a little bigger than the size of its contents, as this allows you to add further protective packaging around the object.

2.      Add padding

It is important to add padding to your packaging contents, so that it moves less inside the box and limits the chances of it getting damaged from external contact during transportation. Bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard pads are ideal for this purpose. In 2022, many choose to recycle materials such as old newspapers or old polystyrene packaging to squeeze into any gaps in your parcel.

3.      Weigh accurately

Getting the right postage and packaging materials and pricing will depend on the exact weight and size of the parcel. Because of this, it is important that you remember to weigh AFTER you’ve wrapped your package contents, as this will give the most accurate insight into the size and type of packaging that you need. Home kitchen scales – especially digital scales – are effective, affordable and handy.

4.      Get the right postage

Whether you are choosing 1st Class, 2nd Class or Special Delivery Guaranteed class, it’s super easy nowadays to find the right postage price for your needs. No matter whether you require a specific speed, security or destination, there are an abundance of delivery comparison sites nowadays for you to explore, compare and contrast based on what is best applicable to you.

5.      Mark your box as fragile

Effectively marking your packages as ‘fragile’ contents to let your couriers know is essential and has a huge impact on how they might handle your box throughout transportation. Many people choose to do this through visual aids such as writing ‘fragile’ on with a large marker, opting for pre-printed boxes or purchasing fragile packaging tape.

6.      Add a return address

With such a high quantity of parcels being sent every year, it is highly likely that there may be a problem at the delivery location (if the person has changed address for example, or is unhappy with the product), or perhaps there was a problem in transit. In either case, it is important that the courier knows where the parcel came from, in order to return it successfully. On the back of your parcel, in the top left, write the heading ‘return address’, and underneath, write out the full address clearly.

7.      Cover yourself   

Couriers will make every possible effort to deliver your items safely and securely. That being said, the majority of fragile items dispatched have high monetary value. Whether valuable or not, if you are sending an item that is highly breakable, then it is recommended to opt for special delivery guarantees, as it guarantees you are insured for an amount of compensation appropriate to the packaging contents – giving you better peace of mind and improved security.  


Packing Fragile Items with Perfection Box

Optimising your delivery options and packaging is the best way of ensuring the successful delivery of your fragile items. Why not check out our other blogs such as ‘How to Post a Parcel with Evri‘, ‘Choosing the Right Shipping Box‘, or ‘How to Send Clothes in the Post‘, to better inform your packaging decisions?

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