Custom Product Packaging: Three Product Packaging Types to Consider

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It’s no secret that online sales soared in the United Kingdom throughout the pandemic, driving a greater need for custom product packaging. The country may have returned to normal since then – but our shopping habits haven’t, with the ONS reporting that over a quarter of the UKs sales are made online – even amidst an economic crisis. With online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy thriving, it’s now more important than ever to distinguish your brand with custom product packaging that makes you stand out.

Not sure which type of custom product packaging is right for your business? Don’t worry! As experts in the custom packaging industry, we’ve put together this blog to outline your three main choices when it comes to bespoke product packaging.

Why Should I Care About My Product Packaging?

The right packaging is about so much more than ensuring your products are delivered to your recipients in one piece. It’s all about creating an amazing experience for your customers, who should feel excited about opening your products and sharing them with the world. We’re all familiar with unboxing videos where social media influencers will unwrap your packages before the world, revealing the difference great packaging can make when it comes to spreading the word.

Your custom product packaging is your customers’ first impression of your brand – and if you’re an online-only business, it becomes even more important, as it’s the only tactile contact people will have with your company.

You can also use your packaging to communicate your values. Trying to promote sustainability? Organic custom product packaging or recyclable cardboard boxes are the right choice for you. Want to seem fun, friendly and feisty? Then prove it by printing brilliant designs in vibrant colours all over your envelopes or boxes!

Printed Padded Envelopes

Another type of custom product packaging are printed padded envelopes. Envelopes are ideal for sending smaller, flatter items through the post. Also known as Jiffy bags, padded envelopes are typically lined with bubble wrap for an added layer of protection. This makes this form of custom product packaging particularly popular with sellers shipping delicate items like small ornaments and jewellery.

Many companies now offer customisable options, allowing you to choose your own colours, textures and designs. You can print your company logo on them and even choose from modern, metallic colours – making them a bit nicer for your customers to open.

The downside to Jiffy bags? Because the bubble wrap inside them is made of plastic, they can’t be recycled. Shiny, metallic finishes also complicate matters when it comes to sustainability, as they often contain plastic and the different components are difficult to separate. If you’re looking for sustainable, customisable options, small bespoke cardboard boxes may therefore be the way forward.

Custom Corrugated Packaging

To conclude our guide on the three types of product packaging, whilst padded envelopes are ideal for shipping smaller items, small cardboard boxes do just a good a job and are much more sustainable. Their green benefits also place customisable corrugated packaging in the lead when it comes to plastic packaging. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes and offer the most options when it comes to designing an optimal packaging experience.

Interested in Custom Corrugated Packaging?

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