3 Types of Packaging

Packaging is something used by all of us almost daily. Whether you’re sending or receiving a parcel or package, you want to know it is delivered safely and securely without any damage. Here at Perfection Box, we believe that the future is cardboard, and there are multiple types of boxes for packaging that utilise reinforced strength and dividers to keep your goods safe and secure when in transit.

Primary packaging

Primary packaging is packaging that is in direct contact with the product itself. Primary packaging functions to contain, protect and preserve the finished product against contamination. This can be the first layer containing the finished product, such as a plastic pouch containing cereal. Primary packaging functions to make it easier for consumers to handle products and make products look more appealing. Primary packaging is also used to convey printed information to consumers about the product.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging is used outside of primary packaging to group several products to create a stock-keeping unit (SKU). Such as when you purchase a multipack of something. The multipack is the secondary packaging. Secondary packaging can also be customised to make it more easily identifiable in a warehouse or stock room.

Tertiary packaging

Also known as bulk or transit packaging. Tertiary packaging is used to group larger quantities of SKU’s when transporting them from A to B. This type of packaging is especially useful when transporting large or heavy loads.

Packaging materials

Paper & board

Paper is used widely due to its low cost and impressive ability to hold its shape in transit. Paper packaging can also be laminated to extend strength and is recyclable.


Glass can be a good packaging material as it provides a barrier against moisture and gas. Additionally, glass is transparent, making the product easy to see, and recyclable.


The most common metals used for packaging is aluminium, found mostly as drinks cans and for aluminium foil. This can also be recycled.


A very common packaging solution, but one that has a lot of environmental downsides as it cannot be recycled as easily as paper and cardboard.

Types of carboard boxes

Pallet box – These boxes are made from recycled materials and are especially easy to assemble. They are delivered flat-packed with pre-drilled holes in order to be plugged with plugs to secure the base of the box to the pallet. These boxes also have a window on the side for easy visibility to see what’s inside without having to open it.

Our pallet boxes are manufactured from corrugated, double-wall cardboard, and the pallets are made from recycled timber that is certified for export across the world.

Both the box and the pallet are 100% recycled and eco-friendly!

A4 cardboard boxes – A4 boxes offer the best protection for your goods. These flat, postal boxes are ideal for sending documents and other flat items in the post without creasing or damaging them. A4 flat, postal boxes are made from single wall rigid flute corrugated board, excellent for durability.

These boxes feature an integrated lid, double reinforced sides and locking flap closure for quick assembly. These flat postal boxes are perfect for sending your important documents with the peace of mind that they will arrive safely! Delivered flat-packed for easy assembly and handling.

Bottle boxes – Bottle boxes, as the name entails, are designed to carry, house, and transport bottles. Our bottle boxes come equipped with dividers designed to slot into place effortlessly. The box can be assembled easily, with the dividers able to slot in after assembly.

These Bottle Boxes are appropriate for use with wine and/ or spirit-sized bottles. The boxes can be used for either storage or transportation. We make bespoke boxes out of single-wall cardboard, perfect for packaging bottles. Choose from a 6-bottle or a 12-bottle box. Manufactured from single wall 125 gsm C- flute board. Delivered flat packed.

All our bottle boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Removal & storage boxes – Our removal and storage boxes are made from recycled materials and are designed to offer excellent strength and durability. They feature a crash lock base for quick assembly and are designed to be collapsed correctly and re-used.

Our removal and storage boxes can hold up to 16kg and are extra thick to ensure goods are kept safe and secure. Each box has a hand slot for easy holding and transportation.

These boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and are designed to be re-used to further the chain of re-use.

Royal mail postal box – Our royal mail postal boxes are designed to make postage hassle-free and safe. Our flat postal boxes are stud and easy to assemble. The cut-away holes are designed for easy opening and handling. We offer a variety of sizes, all of which are made from 100% recycled materials.

The double-reinforced sides of this bespoke cardboard box provide extra protection for your flat postal items. Manufactured from high-quality single wall corrugated board, this carton will ensure your items are well protected during transit. This carton will be delivered flat packed, and packs contain 50 boxes. For additional security, add packaging tape to secure your box.

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