Why Packaging Matters

Packaging may sound mundane and unimportant, but the way products are packed has a huge impact on sales and customer understanding. For a lot of products, their packaging is the first thing customers see, and usually the first thing they refer to for additional information such as ingredients, storage, and other information. For this reason, the packaging is incredibly important to consumers and makes a huge difference visually. Some of the best packaging details exactly what it needs to: brand name, product, additional info like nutrition, storage, recycling, etc.

How often have you been lured into buying something because it ‘looks nice’? Whether it’s the product, the way it’s packaged, or the way it stands out, all have a huge impact on how quickly we make decisions when purchasing. On average it takes around 11 seconds for us to gather a first impression of something. The same can be said for products and how quickly we decide to buy something or not.

Why packaging matters: Why is packaging so important

Packaging is the first thing we see when buying something. It’s what gives us our first impression of a product and a brand. If the packaging is unappealing, it’s only natural that we would believe the product is too. Visually appealing packaging can also lead to conversation starters, and sometimes a whimsical purchase. For example, a lot of craft beers have interesting and unique designs on them, stirring up interest and making their product more unique and interesting to buy.

Additionally, for products in transit, the packaging is double important. Not only does it offer the first look into your brand, but it also serves to protect the product while in transit.

Furthermore, consumers rely on packaging to tell them more about the product they may be buying. Having accurate and factual messages on your packaging can help consumers decide if they’re willing to buy or not. For example, packaging that details how to best recycle the product, along with a statistic of how recycling their product can help consumers feel good about doing their bit to support environmental causes with their everyday shopping.

Packaging often reflects the quality of the product and can inform buyers of what they’re investing their money in. Good packaging = more customers.

How packaging can increase sales

Good packaging can visually attract consumers to your product and make it more appealing. Having unique, branded packaging can be the initial factor in engaging a consumer with your product.

Innovative packaging ideas such as packaging that can be recycled with the product, or things that fit together to help heat/store the product have proven to be popular with consumers and help to create a brand for your product. Biodegradable and recyclable packaging is also great for environmentally conscious companies and consumers looking to make a difference. For more information on sustainability, be sure to read the benefits of sustainable packaging.

Additionally, if you invest in quality packaging that ensures your products remain safe through transit, this establishes trust between brand and customer and leads to repeat custom.

How packaging helps in advertising

For a lot of brands, their packaging is part of the premium. For a lot of high-profile brands, their packaging and unboxing is part of the process and ultimately you buy for the experience, as well as the product. Starbucks for example updates its packaging for certain seasons, such as the iconic red cup in winter. This encourages customers to purchase with them for the red cup feel. As a result, customers often post their red cup pictures as the tell-tale sign that winter is here. Thus, advertising the product and the brand.

Eye-catching packaging can draw in new customers purely due to how interesting your product looks (or how it’s packed). This is why packaging is called the silent salesman on occasion. If your packaging stands out from its contenders, it will naturally draw the attention of potential customers and interest them in your product and your brand. Once you’ve gained the trust of a new customer, they’re more likely to recommend you further.

The bottom line is that packaging matters. If you want to make a splash with customers, create something engaging and interesting, but also something that does exactly what it needs to do.

If you’re still unsure, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to build your own bespoke cardboard box. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our experts who would be happy to help you!