Perfection Box’s Guide to Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Definition:

Put simply, corrugated cardboard packaging is the strong, thick arrangement of card that makes up the walls of the cardboard boxes we have all used at some point. This type of packaging generally consists of a minimum of three layers of cardboard, which serve to protect the product within much more effectively than a single sheet of card. It’s the parallel ridges and grooves in this fluted material that gives strength and hardiness to corrugated cardboard boxes.

What is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated packaging combines both structural resilience and protective qualities, serving to shield fragile contents from light damage. The amount of protection they provide depends on the type of packaging you choose; you have a choice between single, double or triple-walled. When looking at cardboard boxes specifically, corrugated packaging consists of at least three layers of cardboard to provide strength and safety. The middle layer is made from fluted arch paper, whereas the inner and outer layers are simply flat pieces of cardboard.

You’ve undoubtedly seen and held corrugated packaging before. Owing to its versatility, it’s used in everyday life for numerous things that we don’t often think about, from pizza boxes to the cardboard boxes we use when moving house. Its widespread use won’t be changing anytime soon, as the design is timeless and provides users with versatility and choice.
Let’s delve into the different types of corrugated cardboard boxes you can make use of.

Types of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

Single Face Board

Consisting of one piece of linerboard with corrugations on top, it’s not as durable as other types, so isn’t used to make actual cartons. However, it does prove useful in providing extra cushioning.

Single Wall Board

This is the classic, standard, most common cardboard box the world knows and loves. A corrugated medium is placed in between the top and bottom sheets of linerboard. Providing amazing versatility, single-wall cardboard can be used to make a variety of different cartons and packaging types. When you think about corrugated cardboard, this is the design that will most likely spring to mind.

Double Wall Board

This type of corrugated cardboard packaging is well known for its high strength. It’s ideal for packaging large industrial goods that need the added protection. It features two layers of corrugated fluting and three liners.

Triple Wall Board

Hugely resilient in action, three layers of corrugation make this one of the strongest types of cardboard box you can produce. Often used in place of wooden crates, corrugated cardboard is a much more cost-effective solution, allowing you to save money on shipping costs in comparison with more expensive, heavier packaging materials.

The corrugated boards in this type of packaging act similarly to an arch, serving to reduce the strain of weight whilst providing rigidity and strength. By changing the dimensions of the flutes, you can adjust the properties of the boards to make the packaging more suitable for different purposes. Therefore, there are several different types of flutes to choose from depending on your needs.

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Why Use Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

It’s A More Sustainable Packaging Solution

Corrugated cardboard is a form of sustainable corrugated packaging. As we become increasingly aware of the damage we are doing to our planet, there is an onus on corrugated packaging manufacturers – and manufacturers in general – to do their bit to protect our precious planet. In the UK, we recycle 80% of corrugated cardboard, whereas plastic bags have a recycle rate of under 10% – a staggering difference. All the corrugated packaging supplied by Perfection Box can be recycled.

Enhanced Product Protection

The design of corrugated cardboard packaging means it can stand the test of time. Indeed, it’s a classic style with little room for improvement. Created with product protection in mind, the outer layer provides rigidity, whilst the central section’s provide cushioning to protect the contents. The boxes are much sturdier than they look to the casual observer.

This level of protection is the prime reason why so many manufacturers across the world opt for corrugated cardboard when delivering products. As mentioned above, you also have the choice of several different types of cardboard boxes depending on your needs. In addition to providing protection, corrugated packaging keeps moisture away, which is useful in the transfer of perishable goods like fruit and vegetables.

Lightweight and Flexible

We’ve discussed the enhanced product protection that corrugated cardboard packaging offers in depth. Now, it’s time to talk about its lightweight and flexible nature. Despite its resilience, it’s also astoundingly light. This is thanks to the fluted edge in the middle of the boxes. The lightweight nature of the packaging is a huge boon, minimising your shipping costs and saving you money in the long term.

Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is extremely flexible. Several different types of boxes are produced in order to solve different issues. This can include stabilising loads, protecting awkwardly sized items and stacking boxes on top of each other without issues. The material is of the highest quality, whilst also allowing for cost-effective and flexible use.

Corrugated Packaging Can Be Customised Easily

At Perfection Box, we specialise in manufacturing cardboard boxes and packaging supplies, offering you bespoke parcel boxes whereby you can build your own cardboard box. This is because we recognise the importance of being able to customise corrugated packaging.

Custom corrugated packaging chosen by you is created with your end goal in mind. It allows for the shape, design, graphic and size of the packaging to be personalised to your business needs or personal requirements. Here at Perfection Box, we offer the opportunity to create and customise standard boxes, end-opening parcel boxes and overlapping-flap parcel boxes. You determine your desired box size, style, colour and strength.

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Why Wait? Build Your Own Custom Corrugated Cardboard Box Today

Marketing is critical for new and existing businesses. The need to increase brand awareness is more prevalent than ever. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be personalised to promote brand visibility, sporting various designs chosen by you. There are many benefits to using custom corrugated boxes, such as communicating your brand tone, values and beliefs to new and existing customers.

Here at Perfection Box, we are big believers in sustainable corrugated packaging. We offer full customisability and always strive to meet your needs.

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