A4 Cardboard Storage Boxes (Single Wall/Double Wall)

  • Strong and sturdy for storing paper reams
  • Easy to seal with packing tape
  • No overhang
  • Holds between 10-30 kg (depending on wall strength)
  • Wholesale discounts when bought in bulk!

Bespoke A4 storage boxes

Our excellent selection of A4 cardboard boxes is perfect for storage, shipping, packing, moving and other export solutions. Our A4 cardboard storage boxes are designed to maintain their shape and structure during transport.

Our A4 boxes are made from high-quality corrugated cardboard. Our single and double-wall A4 cardboard boxes are well suited to all your packing, shipping and transporting needs. Our A4 boxes are manufactured with your A4 products in mind and are available in a range of sizes. We believe in meeting your needs with all our boxes – and our A4 cardboard boxes are no different.

We have A4 size single-wall cardboard boxes that are 3 mm thick, able to hold a variety of items.

Meanwhile, our double-wall cardboard boxes are made from 6 mm-thick corrugated cardboard and are better suited to heavier goods that require some additional protection. The sturdy corrugated material is specially designed to protect against knocks and bumps, so you can rest assured that your goods are well protected.

At Perfection Box, we aim to meet all your packaging requirements, which is why both our single- and double-wall A4 cardboard boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, with heights ranging from 76 mm to 330 mm – guaranteeing we have the right size box to store, ship and transport all your goods. Our boxes are all secure and stable and can be stacked on top of one another – depending on the contents – to save on storage space.

Save money when you buy in bulk

When you buy our A4 cardboard boxes in bulk, we want you to save as much money as possible. Moving house, creating your own e-commerce business, or simply in need of some stable storage options for your personal belongings? We sell A4 storage cardboard boxes in packs of 25, so you have plenty of boxes available to you from the start of your order. If you need more, then that will work out even cheaper for you – buy 11+ packs to benefit from our exclusive wholesale price.

Perfect for…

  • Archiving documents
  • Sending A4 literature from a printer
  • Shipping products and gifts to clients
  • Storing general household contents

Looking for a different size? Choose from one of our standard-size cardboard boxes or create your own.

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Where is the best place to find cardboard boxes?

For all your cardboard box needs, including A4 carboard boxes, shipping and postal boxes, etc – Perfection Box have it all.

What is an A4 cardboard?

A4 carboard boxes are boxes are postage, shipping and transit boxes that fit A4 size. Imagine an A4 piece of paper shaped box. Ideal for many uses, fantastic value and reusable.