Cardboard Wine Boxes Used for Shipping

Our cardboard bottle boxes come equipped with single and double walls, and high-quality corrugated cardboard to maintain shape and structure when in transit. Our bottle boxes, also known as cardboard wine boxes, are manufactured with strength and durability in mind, keeping your items secure in transit, and minimising damage and breaking.

Wine shopping boxes are essential for shipping bottles. The corrugated segments allow the bottles to sit comfortably while providing them with a soft brace equipped to handle movement.

Available in any number of bespoke cell sizes, depending on box size. our range of bottle packaging offers the most effective storage at a fantastic value. Due to the fragility of the contents, we have ensured the strength and durability of our bottle boxes.

Our boxes are designed to withstand knocks and bumps, secure your items, and keep them safe while in transit.

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What size box do I need for a bottle of wine?

For wine bottle shipping, our regular pallet boxes are ideal.

How do you ship wine bottles in the post?

Wine bottles can be loaded into the cardboard bottle boxes and shipped as you would a regular package. The post office will need to weigh the box and calculate shipping as they would with a regular parcel.

How do you post a water bottle?

Water bottles can be posted the same as wine bottles, using a cardboard bottle box.

Are cardboard boxes for bottles safe?

Yes, they are reinforced with corrugated cardboard partitions to support the bottles and provide additional protection and support when in transit.