Build Your Own Parcel boxes

No parcel or product is the same. That’s why at Perfection Box, we offer bespoke parcel boxes where you can build your own cardboard box.

We offer a range of parcel boxes that you can customise and design to suit your requirements.

Standard box

Our standard boxes have a variety of uses, such as packaging, storage, shipping, and delivery. Our parcel boxes come with the option of single or double-walled corrugated cardboard, each providing strength and durability. With customisable dimensions, if you are looking to build your own cardboard box, Perfection Box can manufacture your parcel box to the highest standard.

When you build your own standard parcel box, they are designed to be sturdy and robust for all your general storage needs.

End opening

At Perfection Box, we also offer end opening parcel boxes that you can design to suit your needs. Our long, end opening parcel boxes are ideal for storing and transporting long and narrow items for distribution, transit, or delivery.

If your product or item that needs to be packaged is of awkward length or shape, then building your own cardboard box to fit is quick, easy and affordable.

Ideal for the protection of long and narrow items, our end opening parcel boxes provide fantastic structural security, designed to maintain their shape and structure in transit to always protect your goods.

Overlapping flaps

Our durable overlapping flap parcel boxes are made from strong corrugated cardboard with fold-over panels for large items. The multiple flaps are designed to provide larger and heavier items with extra strength and security at the top and the bottom of the box.

Made from durable, high-strength corrugated cardboard, our overlapping flap boxes come with the option to select double-walled corrugated cardboard as you select and build your own parcel box.

The design of this parcel box incorporates the flaps overlapping to provide triple-layer protection, reinforcing strength and security. When lifted, the triple-layer protection adds further stability as it holds together, reducing the risk of the parcel box splitting or breaking.



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    Min 64 - Max 1000





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Can you make your own box for shipping?

At Perfection Box, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect box to suit your needs. We’ve provided a simple and easy customisation tool where you can build your own cardboard box. Our straightforward design editor allows you to select the style of box you’re looking for as well as edit the dimensions and the strength to suit you. In a matter of a few clicks, it’s possible to build your own parcel box exactly how you need it.

How do you build your own cardboard box?

Building your own cardboard box has never been easier, thanks to Perfection Box’s quick and easy custom editor. Our handy and simple selection process includes 5 sections:

  • Box style
  • Box size
  • Box colour
  • Box strength
  • Quantity

As you build your own cardboard box, you will need to start with the box style you’re looking for. Our customisable parcel boxes come in three styles: Standard, End opening and Overlapping flaps. The next section offers you the most customisation as you build your own parcel box. Input the dimensions you require (in mm) including length, width and height. Currently, brown is the default colour choice for the custom parcel boxes but if you require a different colour, please contact us for more information. Depending on your needs, our parcel boxes come in two different strengths: single and double-walled. If you’re looking to store or deliver heavier goods, then we recommend our double-walled corrugated cardboard lining. Finally, you can select the quantity required for your boxes. Each style of our parcel boxes comes in packs of 25. Our straightforward summary section then outlines the exact number of boxes, with all the details you’ve inputted as you build your own cardboard box.