Custom Postal Boxes

  • A complete range to post items from small to XL.
  • Easy assembly for quick dispatch.
  • Sturdy walls for protecting your items.
  • Sold in packs of 25.

Our custom postal boxes are very appropriately named, they are boxes used to send products safely and conveniently in the post. Perfection Box offers a wide variety of postal boxes in different sizes and strengths suited to fit your shipping requirements.

Looking to ship with Royal Mail?

We love custom postal boxes, but when you ship with Royal Mail, you don’t want to underpay for delivery. That’s why we created our Royal Mail Small and Medium parcel tools. We limited the sizes to Royal Mail’s restrictions whilst still giving you the flexibility to choose the right size for you and your product.

Small postal boxes for Royal Mail

Medium postal boxes for Royal Mail

Perfection Box offers a range of sizes from 102mm x 102mm x 102mm all the way up to 610mm x 460mm x 460mm, and a wide variety in between. We also offer a selection of different box strengths to make your shipping convenient and straightforward. You can choose either a single wall or a double wall cardboard postage box, depending on how thick you want the outer wall of your postal box to be, and how heavy the contents are.

Save money when you buy wholesale!

We sell cardboard postage boxes in packs of twenty-five per pack for your convenience. Alternatively, if you purchase eleven or more packs, we will provide a discount. If you purchase twenty-one or more then you will receive further discounts. It pays to buy in bulk sometimes. If you or your business regularly post products out, then these cardboard postage boxes are ideal for you. Just select the correct size and quantity, then check out securely.

Buy 11+ packs to unlock our exclusive wholesale price.

Buy 21+ packs and get your cardboard boxes even cheaper!

No minimum order

Our single-wall cardboard mailing boxes are great for budget eCommerce shipping. Require a 30kg capacity? Try our double wall cardboard shipping boxes for larger retailers. After you’ve prepped the box for shipping, use our packaging tape to keep everything sealed.

102mm x 102mm x 102mm
102mm x 102mm x 203mm
127mm x 127mm x 127mm
127mm x 127mm x 64mm
152mm x 102mm x 76mm
152mm x 127mm x 102mm
152mm x 127mm x 127mm
152mm x 152mm x 152mm
178mm x 127mm x 127mm
178mm x 127mm x 64mm
178mm x 178mm x 127mm
178mm x 178mm x 178mm
178mm x 178mm x 254mm
203mm x 152mm x 102mm
203mm x 152mm x 152mm
203mm x 152mm x 64mm
203mm x 203mm x 152mm
203mm x 203mm x 203mm
229mm x 152mm x 102mm
229mm x 152mm x 127mm
229mm x 152mm x 152mm
229mm x 152mm x 64mm
229mm x 152mm x 76mm
229mm x 229mm x 229mm
254mm x 127mm x 127mm
254mm x 178mm x 76mm
254mm x 203mm x 102mm
254mm x 203mm x 152mm
254mm x 203mm x 203mm
254mm x 254mm x 152mm
254mm x 254mm x 203mm
254mm x 254mm x 254mm
305mm x 305mm x 152mm
305mm x 305mm x 305mm
305mm x 305mm x 76mm
356mm x 356mm x 356mm
381mm x 254mm x 254mm
457mm x 305mm x 178mm
457mm x 305mm x 254mm
457mm x 305mm x 305mm
(450mm x 350mm x 160mm) Optimal Royal Mail Small Parcel
(610mm x 460mm x 460mm) Optimal Royal Mail Medium Parcel

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Durable & Affordable Postage Boxes

We’ve seen the journey your parcel takes. Whilst we’re not responsible for the care your courier takes in handling your package, we hold our own standards when manufacturing your cardboard boxes. That’s why we use 125-graded corrugated cardboard supported by a B flute. It’s strong enough to withhold the toss and tumbles of delivering your package, but affordable enough to make shipping a strong option. Our cardboard postal boxes may take a beating, but they’ll protect your customer’s products to their door.

Designed for eCommerce

If you’re starting your first eCommerce site or built an empire, our postage boxes are made for you. With the new Royal Mail prices and the transport industry facing increases in petrol costs, margins are being pushed to the limit. Online retailers are forced to make a tough decision: pass on the increase to the customers or absorb it themselves. Our cardboard postage boxes can help. We’re cheaper than major competitors and we offer exclusive discounts to those who purchase 11-25+ packs in one order. Make shipping viable with our postal cardboard boxes.

Made to fit your product

Packaging matters – sometimes we buy a product because it “looks nice.” And when your products lands on your customer’s door, you want them to be happy. That’s why you can build your own cardboard box with us. Instead of stuffing your cardboard postage boxes with filler, your product can fit snug with minimal protection needed. When your customers open the box, your product greets them, ready to be loved.


What are postal boxes?

Postal boxes are the perfect solution for shipping single items securely. Postage boxes are designed to fit into post boxes and keep items safe for delivery and postage.

What size are postal boxes?

We have a variety of sizes and strengths to choose from to find the most suitable postage solution. We carry boxes in sizes ranging from 102mm to 450mm to ensure you can find a postage box to fit your requirements.

Can you reuse postal boxes?

Yes, you can. Providing the postage box is still in good shape, you can reuse your postage box. You will need a new stamp, however.

How much do cardboard postal boxes cost?

Our postage boxes range in size and pack sizes, and therefore prices will vary. However, our packs start at just £2.57 a pack.

Will a large letter fit in a post box?

We carry a range of postal boxes in various sizes to ensure you can find a postage box to suit your requirements. We recommend measuring your goods before purchasing a postage box.

Should I get single or double wall boxes?

Single wall boxes

  • Great for eCommerce shipping
  • Holds up to 10kg

Double wall boxes

  • Great for heavier shipping and uses
  • Holds up to 30kg

If you’re using a large cardboard box, it’s best to upgrade to double wall for extra protection. You may want to use our corrugated cardboard pads to support items through bumpy rides.