Cardboard Packing and Moving Boxes

Sturdy and Reliable Cardboard Storage and Moving Boxes for Easy Relocation

For the perfect cardboard storage boxes, we ate perfection box provide the optimal solution. Designed from the highest quality material, our cardboard packing and storage boxes are constructed to be strong and durable.

The structure of our cardboard moving boxes are manufactured to maintain shape and hold their weight in transit.

The cardboard moving boxes come complete with ergonomic handles imprinted on either side of the box, expertly cut to precision for ease of comfort.

At Perfection Box, our cardboard storage boxes can also be used and recycled repeatedly, each use retaining the strength of the box. These cardboard packing boxes are designed to also be stacked for efficient storage and for transit.

Our cardboard removal and storage boxes are perfect for packing most general non-fragile house contents, able to support a modest weight load per box. Each box is easy to assemble and can also be sealed neatly with packing tape, ensuring the structure of the box and the safety of its contents.

Manufactured from single-walled corrugated cardboard, our bespoke cardboard packing boxes are also available in double-walled cardboard, upon request. Contact us directly if you’d like to purchase double-walled cardboard packing and moving boxes.

Cardboard Quality

125K BC T125


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What are cardboard storage boxes used for?

Storage boxes are containers used to store and organise items, such as clothing, books, toys, and other household items. Available in a variety of sizes, they are commonly used for decluttering and to maximise space.

What are the different materials cardboard storage boxes can be made from?

Storage boxes can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard, plastic, metal, and fabric. It entirely depends on what the box will be used for as each material has its own set of pros and cons, such as durability, cost, and aesthetics.

What are the different sizes of cardboard storage boxes available?

Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small boxes for jewellery and trinkets to large boxes for clothing and linens. Custom sizes can also be made to fit specific needs. At Perfection Box, our build-your-own cardboard box service allows you to choose a design to suit your requirements.

What is the difference between clear and opaque cardboard storage boxes?

Clear storage boxes are made of clear plastic and allow you to see the contents of the box without having to open them. Opaque storage boxes, on the other hand, do not allow you to see the contents without opening the boxes. Clear boxes are great for organising items, while opaque boxes offer more privacy.

How do I choose the right size cardboard storage box for my needs?

To choose the right size storage box, you should consider the size and shape of the items you will be storing. You should also think about the amount of space you have available for storage and the number of items you will be storing.

Are cardboard storage boxes stackable?

Some storage boxes are designed to be stackable, whilst others are not. Stackable boxes are great for maximising space and can be easily organised. Non-stackable boxes are better for items that aren’t frequently used and don’t need to be easily accessible.

Can cardboard storage boxes be used for long-term storage?

Yes, storage boxes can be used for long-term storage. It’s recommended to choose a box made of durable material and to then store it in a dry, cool place to prevent damage to the contents.

How do I properly label my cardboard storage boxes?

To properly label your storage boxes, use a permanent marker or label maker to write the contents of the box on the outside. It’s also helpful to use different colour labels or markers for different categories of items, such as clothing, toys and books.