Bespoke packaging Tapes with Brown and White Colour

Here at Perfection Box, we offer a wide array of custom packaging tapes to suit your needs. Our selection of custom packaging tape comes in a variety of colours, including brown, white and red fragile packing tape. Each tape will be suitable for different uses for various businesses and industries.

Our high-quality custom packaging tape is strong, adaptable and durable. All our parcel tape, particularly our fragile packing tape, is manufactured to ensure that goods are sent to clients and customers to arrive unopened in the very best condition.

From brown packaging tape to white packaging, each tape we offer is single-sided and is available in various sizes.

At Perfection Box, our stock of custom packaging tape provides excellent performance for general purpose and packaging needs.

For securing cartons and packages, the sturdy brown tape is perfect. It functions well at low temperatures and is quite impact-resistant. A less expensive option for tape is our multi-purpose brown packing tape. It is tough and has a high resistance to impact. Our brown packaging tape is durable and sturdy, and it also performs well at low temperatures, making it a warehouse staple. This durable brown packaging tape is perfect for a variety of general uses, especially in mail rooms and packing areas where boxes are being distributed for shipping or transportation.

This fragile, low-cost polypropylene sticky tape, which helps protect your packages during storage, transit, and storage, is fragile. Handlers are reminded to use caution by a prominent warning printed in red on white.



What micron is best for me?

The weight and value of your package is the best way to determine what micron your tape should be.

40 Micron

  • Common quality
  • Economical
  • Perfect for single walled light cardboard boxes

45 Micron

  • Medium quality
  • For boxes under 20kg

50 Micron

  • High quality
  • Best for boxes up to 30kg
  • Perfect for long-travel, international orders
  • Better for high-value goods