Types and Uses of Pallet Boxes

cardboard packing boxes

Pallet boxes are used for shipping and transport purposes using wooden pallets. Cardboard packing boxes minimise the risk of damage during transit and provide a safe and secure method for shipping.

Pallet boxes optimise storage and reduce transport, storage, and packaging costs. Our pallet boxes can significantly cut down your costs. Our single and double wall boxes fit perfectly onto standard pallets, leaving no overhang. Fantastic for transporting.

Our cardboard packing boxes are designed with transport in mind, manufactured to reduce the risk of shifting in transit, and can withstand moisture or humidity and temperature changes. Our pallet boxes are made from the highest quality materials to protect the contents.

we manufacture cardboard pallet boxes. Why not purchase one of our inexpensive pallet boxes and utilise your extra pallets if you’re seeking the most cost-effective solution? Check our recommended pallet box sizes below. This is a fantastic way to eliminate extra pallets and cut shipping costs.

With our selection of export-ready pallet boxes and pallets, packing and getting your things ready for shipping overseas can be easy and hassle-free. We’re here to guide you through the maze of selecting the best export packing for your business, from palletized boxes and cartons to lightweight alternatives to traditional wooden pallets. These pallet boxes provide a quick and efficient way to pack and ship, maximising space and safeguarding things during transit. They are ideal for busy warehouses, dispatch centres, and export centres.

  • Single or double-wall
  • Easy to seal with packing tape
  • No overhang
  • High-quality materials
  • Great value

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What is a box on a pallet called?

A pallet box is simply called a pallet box, or otherwise known as a packing box.

How many boxes make a pallet?

This would depend on the size of the pallet and the size of the boxes. Please know your pallet size before purchasing your pallet boxes.

What size is a pallet box?

A pallet box is a large shipping box that can be used to transport via a pallet.