Be confident when you ship your products with Royal Mail.

We’re a big fan of custom made boxes. But, when you’re sending via Royal Mail, you want certainty that you order the right dimensions. That’s why we’ve restricted the sizes on this page to match. So, you can send your next novel, the latest earphones, or your new t-shirt design without worrying about underpaying. Just make sure your parcel weighs under 2kg.

Great for:

  • Books
  • Clothing (like t-shirts, underwear, and trousers)
  • Small tech
  • Trainers and shoes

Product too big? Try our Royal Mail Medium parcel boxes.

Our cardboard boxes are a fantastic all-rounder. By combining a B-Flute with a 125 graded corrugated cardboard, our boxes supports up to 6kg (more than Royal Mail’s limit). Your customers receive their order safe and secure – no matter how bumpy the journey is.

Stay within the Royal Mail Small Parcel box size.

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Additional Product

What are the current Royal Mail max sizes for parcels?

These sizes are correct of July 2022. Please refer to Royal Mail’s official size and weight guideline for the most recent restrictions.

Small Parcel

Max weight – 2kg

Max length –  450mm

Max width – 350mm

Max height – 160mm

If your product doesn’t fit, you may need our Royal Mail Medium boxes.

Medium Parcel

Max weight – 20kg

Max length – 61cm

Max width – 46cm

Max height – 46cm